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LIVE BUDGIE CAM!!! [Jan. 26th, 2005|08:20 pm]

Imax theaters LIVE BUDGIE CAM!!!!!!!!!!


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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2004|03:13 pm]
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2004|02:45 pm]
johnmonkey, this is for you! What a news whore am I. Yeah, I'm a democrat, but

*yay for pyjama journalism!*


Blogs, anyone?
My War
Aw, there are no other good ones today so I'll leave it there.

Jennifer Government! woo hoo.

I finally finished The Castle of Otranto. I think it's put me off literature.

I've made that threat before, haven't I?

Not trying to be gross or anything, but I was walking by the railroad tracks today and I fell in the mud while stepping to avoid a dead rabbit. Then when I was wiping the mud off my shoe on Regent I tripped and put my other shoe in the mud. pfft.

I finished knitting myself a loooooooong scarf today. I hope they're still in style this year, because it took me a year just to knit the damn thing.

I found a recipe for something called "potica" on a notecard in a book in the library freebox. It looks good, kinda like figgyhobbin? (Welsh food is my favorite! Besides pierogies! I think I will start a pierogi chain letter so I can have sacks of pierogies delivered to my home daily. Isn't that a brill idea? You can use that. ehheh)

I want to write a long paean to Mark Knopfler's career.
The coleus is flowering.
You can access pdf's of the London Times back to 1785 online. Damn if I'm not taking it as a personal challenge to find a use for that shit.

That is all..........continue!
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(no subject) [Sep. 13th, 2004|12:26 pm]
AL Daily had some good articles today about academicians not selling their souls for corporate interest, but nobody cares. And there was a good piece in the Guardian. La di da.

Our prof killed a wasp. He is now the girls' hero. We were all hugged up on eachother like sweet merciful Christ, an insect!

That's the only bug I ever got stung by, a wasp.

I got assigned to research newspapers for history. That means microfiche, baby. I love research, because sometimes you go for ten hours and you get nothing and then you know it's all worth it. Negative possibility. I feel like Tommy Lee Jones... got every townhouse, shithouse, and Waffle House covered...

The dean will write a letter of rec for me. He emails me back and said he'll get right on it if I know who it goes to. Shite, I thought he knew. I am bad at dealing with the Administration, if you can't tell.

Spent an hour making copies of French exercises (on my own dime) for the new student. Now I'm hungry and crabby, but at least I've got that saint complex taken care of!

Happier tomorrows!
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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2004|03:39 pm]
I truly believe that a responsible person will always do as little as possible in the workplace. Doing things "without being asked" will only create a bad precedent for customers and employers, who will then expect everyone they come into contact with in the work setting to be a culturally similar sycophant with mind-reading ability, and work quotas will then be raised in accordance with this artificial standard to reflect the best possible scenario forty hours per week with zero turnaround time, for the entire career of a worker. Let's not forget that people age, get sick and differ in the number of monkey tasks they are able to perform, and management usually is in charge of the necessary materials and will save their own time rather than rethink and streamline their processes, pointing to a small number of phenominal workers and butt-kissers as evidence that nothing at all needs to be done except *making more money*. That is why I am recommending this book.

All I want to do today is find my keys so my car won't get towed tomorrow. ****sigh****

Hey there's funny photography hanging in Ancora. Looks like someone took a photo of the Loreal(?) cosmetics counter at Hilldale and developed it on skinny paper, then stick-glued it to a background. Velly interesting strategy.
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Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win. [Sep. 11th, 2004|03:01 pm]
I am trying to get through The Castle of Otranto by Monday. It is so boring. Just to avoid it I am reading every other book on the shelf. And last night the car got towed with the book (thankfully) in it, so this morning I had nothing to do and I was reading The Price of My Soul, the masterfully ghostwritten autobiography of Bernadette Devlin. If you do not know who she is, suffice it to say she was barred entry into the US last year (don't know how that turned out). In the book she had a quote about moving home after her mother died and commuting to school. That it was impossible to have any sort of campus life and when she got home she didn't have any social life either because she had to study. Here the ghostwriter has hit on the truth of commuting! It's crazy how much it messes up your life. However, the ghostwriter goes on to say that it did make her very responsible and disciplined and her professors took her very seriously. So that would be the upside. :)

I had a dream that I and one of my friends from high school, who just happens to be the only openly gay person I know from my town, were on a long road trip. After scrounging for change to get 3/$1 cookies at Kwik Trip, we retired to our hunter's lodge (hello, Nabokov?), popped some weird pills, retired to our twin beds, then I started dreaming that I was dreaming (is that meta or what?)about a drawing of a boy's face, which someone then takes chalk and alters into an old man's face. Then the scene gets larger and you can see that the picture is being drawn by Sigmund Freud. This is a tv special, and He is being interviewed by Bill Moyers, facing a blackboard with a bumper sticker above it that said WOW JOY OF LIFE, wearing women's clothes (backless black dress, tweed beret, sweater draped on one shoulder) and weeping. He says that when he was formulating his theories, he forgot what the French feminist critics call "jouissance", and what he calls "the wow joy of life." He says he should have known better, how could he have left out joy? So he is crying and Bill Moyers has to come put his sweater over his other shoulder and hug him.

So that was weird. I think it comes from watching lengthy silent movies and eating German potato salad pizza before bed.

They are filming a version of Breakfast On Pluto. Neil Jordan adapted it. I'm sure I've heard this before, but wow anyway.

And for Irish language fans, here's an Irish newspaper online.

For more fun Irish stuff you can go to Searc's web guide.

Or read The Castle of Otranto and tell me how it was.
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(no subject) [Sep. 10th, 2004|12:59 pm]
The elephants of the Thai Elephant Orchestra have a new cd out called "Elephonic Rhapsodies". It looks like this is their label. I still can't figure out if they stole the elephants from the wild or if they are really orphans, and if the money goes to the elephant sanctuary or what. Maybe if you listen to their music you can hear their sounds of longing or something? Well, in any case, elephants are abundantly cool. I heard that the elephant at the Anchorage zoo does watercolors.
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2004|08:59 pm]
I asked my English prof for a letter of rec. He's going to write it jointly with another one of my profs. He said if Madison doesn't take me, they're nuts.

I told him I've got a piece of paper at home that says they're nuts.

Needless to say, that was the best anecdote I have accrued in the twenty-four years of my life so far *hears Chariots of Fire playing in the background*

Has anyone read Fight Club? What do you think was the single best line? Whether you could even stand the book there are some good lines in that. Not one line of that book is a mistake on several narrative levels, imho. I just love (paraphrase alert!) when he says "At least I've got that sofa thing covered." :))
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(no subject) [Sep. 8th, 2004|08:51 pm]
LJ has been really slow for me lately, that's why I haven't been around...

Taking a compressed video class is really annoying. Every once in a while the instructor will appear to burst into multicolored psychadelic flames. This apparently is a satellite problem. Plus our prof is stuck in Cameroon so we have a cool but inexperienced new person teaching us.

I am working on my second app to UW Madison. I still have information saved on it from a year ago. Why must they be such heartless bastiches? I know, there are a lot of smart people in the world who are also younger and brighter and make a lot of money with their education so why do I think I deserve a place at a decent school? (Sorry, I have a hard time finishing a sentence in a sincere and upbeat way after I've been filling out my 1,000th form on my grades, test scores, residency and pedigree. Why don't they just put a microchip in me that will remember all these numbers?)

Wil Wheaton's blog was actually kind of interesting today, in a je ne sais quoi way. Felt you should know. From there I found a link to cool Mac products I can't afford. Today's Must-Have: Wildeepz!!!

Today I was reading this book by Dominique de Villepin. I thought it would suck but it's actually pretty good. The surprising thing is that he comes across as a neoconservative, ideologically, though his policy decisions are different from what the typical American sees as neoconservative. Maybe because of the fact that there is a sort of "our country, right or wrong" vibe, and he's from another country. It really makes you marvel at the perceived lack of understanding between the US and France.

You can find some more interesting (apolitical) books here. No, I am not getting money for this. haha.

My fingernails are getting really long. I think I am going to grow them until they look all funky and hang off my hand like that Guiness guy and wear Chinese fingernail covers with turquoise toads on them. Oooh, trend alert! Watch for that in next month's InStyle!
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|12:46 pm]
Today's post is brought to you by my other spirit animal, the loach. He's the coolest guy in the aquarium. He gets the whole bottom to himself, where he can relax on the rocks, do some bottom feeding, and gloat to the sounds of French accordion music coming from without. yay loach! If I had to go to a psychiatrist and they asked me what animal I most want to be, it would surely be the loach.

And by the international Rock Paper Scissors championships in Toronto!

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